Large-scale congresses, sporting events and similar bring their own spirit to the city. And that's something you feel particularly in Bremen. The historic city centre is the place to see and be seen, and somewhere that makes you feel good. So it's no wonder that event organisers and attendees alike have fond memories of their time here and become advocates for Bremen. Here are a few quotes from our enthusiastic clients and our congress highlights of the past few years.  

  • Prof. Dr. Franz Petermann

    Conference President of the 47th Annual Congress of the German Society for Psychology

    "... In all my life, I have only experienced such unconditional support in such a major undertaking on very rare occasions. Equally, I have seldom been able to work together with others in such an open and problem-free manner. It was simply wonderful! ..."

  • Ingo Kramer 

    Chair of the local committee for the 14th Meeting of the German Administrative Judges Association

     "... It was fantastic how much help you gave us... Many, many thanks for your patience with us over the year, for your ideas and the genial and uncomplicated working relationship. Your entire team is really on the ball. Every one of them radiated so much calm and equanimity, even when things got especially intense, that it had a direct calming effect on me..."

  • Susanne Brachthäuser-Berg

    German Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV)

     "A thousand thanks for all your efforts, your commitment, your enthusiasm and your marvellous planning.... Everyone who visited our congress thought it was an exceptionally enjoyable evening. Our evening congress with 625 attendees was held under the motto "Ischa Freimaak" (the traditional call announcing the start of Bremen's festival and funfair) and is now the benchmark for our attendees and visitors......The result was breathtaking! The entire event was "all under one roof", and it was a joyful and light-hearted event at which all the attendees could get together: that's worth patenting!"

  • Jürgen Meyer

    German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour

     "... The splendid way the event was organised and run so smoothly made a significant contribution to the success of the 4th National Maritime Conference. Please also pass on my thanks to your staff, who made it possible to hold such a successful event possible... We will have wonderful memories of Bremen..."

  • Steffi Dehlau

    Department Head for Meetings and Seminars at the DGZfP (German Society for Non-Destructive Testing)

    "... We'd like to thank your team for their superb support in preparing and running our annual conference... We especially appreciated the close working relationship with all local partners, the short routes and the way in which conference meetings were interspersed with well-chosen leisure activities..."

  • Dr. Fritz Holzwarth

    German Federal Ministry for the Environment/co-ordinator of the HELCOM/OSPAR ministerial conference

    "... According to feedback from all our guests and also from the press, the above-mentioned conference can be considered a complete success. Together with your colleagues, you made a major contribution to its organisation and smooth running, both in the preparatory stages and during the conference itself, on-site in the Bremen Conference Centre... You all knew how to focus on the bigger picture, even on those very stressful occasions when time was really short, and offer exactly the right solutions, in keeping with the motto "The impossible we can do right away, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for a miracle"... For those reasons, we'd like to use this opportunity to express our thanks to you and your team..."

  • Therese Schmidt 

    Institut zur Förderung publizistischen Nachwuchses e.V. (school of journalism)

     "It was only thanks to your excellent organisation that the event was such a success. I'd like to thank you again for that."

  • Sabine Wagner

    German Medical Association

     "...before we return to the daily grind, we wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to thank you and all your members of staff for your wonderful support. The organisational process was smooth and entirely problem-free. You proved to be capable, professional and flexible in all areas... We had so much fun working together with you and your team..."


There were many congress highlights in Bremen - here is a small selection: 

  • International Mass Spectrometry Conference, 2,200 participants from 49 countries
  • International Astronautical Congress (IAC), 6,500 participants from 82 countries
  • Internationaler Raumfahrtkongress COSPAR, 3,800 participants from 58 countries
  • Symposium Intensivmedizin & Intensivpflege, annually with 4,500 – 5,000 participants
  • Deutscher Wund- und Pflegekongress Bremen, annually with 4,000 – 4,500 participants
  • International Coral Reef Symposium
  • GDCh Wissenschaftsforum Chemie
  • Breakbulk EUROPE
  • DSAG Jahreskongress
  • 91. Wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung der Dt. Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädie
  • DGPal - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin
  • EWMA 2016 – European Wound Management Association
  • Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs)
  • KGST Forum
  • Deutscher Anwaltstag
  • Deutscher Ärztetag
  • Deutscher Bibliothekartag
  • Deutscher Juristentag
  • Deutscher Verwaltungsrichtertag
  • Jahrestagung der Deutschen Diabetes Gesellschaft (DDG)