Whether it's regional, international or haute cuisine, Bremen's gastronomic offerings have something to suit every taste. Enjoying life is what matters on the Weser. Do you fancy coffee, beer, chocolate or something more substantial? Anyone visiting our metropolis on the Weser will always find something here to tickle their taste buds. Bremen will certainly be an exciting gastronomic experience, whether you visit one of the many local restaurants, go on a food-themed city tour or even get the hands-on experience of brewing your own Bremen beer. Bremen's citizens are way out in front when it comes to producing and enjoying their food and drink. A multitude of restaurants, pubs, cafés and food producers will entice you in to sample their wares. You might discover Kohl and Pinkel (kale and sausage), Labskaus (meat stew) or Knipp (sausage with groats and meat): it has to be said that Bremen's specialities sound as if they might take a bit of getting used to. But that doesn't make them any less tasty. The foundations of Bremen's traditional cuisine have been influenced by its proximity to the sea, its trading heritage and links to rural life. Attend a beer seminar, a coffee tasting or a city tour with typical appetisers, or make your own sweets – in Bremen, there's no shortage of options for getting actively involved in the city's culinary life.