Come to be green

 2,362 hectares of urban Bremen are green. This makes the "Pearl on the Weser" one of the greenest cities in Germany. The entire urban area is dotted with parks, gardens, green spaces and green corridors. Every city neighbourhood has its own oasis of peace and quiet, so there's always a space to relax near to home at any time of year. As a famous saying goes, "We have only borrowed the Earth from our children". The need to use resources sparingly, reduce our personal CO₂ footprint and act sustainably has never been more important or more urgent. Congresses, meetings and company events can be run in such a way as to use a minimum of resources and generate very little waste or greenhouse gases. Bremen is the ideal location for environmentally conscious event organisers. 


These 10 tips will show you how easy it is to organise your event in Bremen in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

  • Think about sustainability right at the outset 

    When you first contact with us, tell us how sustainable you would like your event to be and what aims you have. We'll be happy to help you find suitable partners and event locations.

  • CO₂-neutral travel with the train

    Offer your attendees the Deutsche Bahn Event Ticket for travel powered by 100 % green electricity. The Bremen Convention Bureau will be happy to provide you with details of the portal on which tickets can be booked.

  • Go paper-free!

    Make sure your conference material is ready to be downloaded from the internet and that attendees can find all the information they need, quickly and easily. The Bremen Convention Bureau team can set up online attendee registration.

  • Events with short routes

    Bremen is well-known as the city of short routes. Use this to your advantage and leave the car at home. Walk from the main railway station to the Exhibition and Congress Centre and then to your hotel in a matter of minutes. And if you're attending an evening event in the city centre, there's no need for a shuttle bus. Reach the airport easily from your hotel in only 15 minutes by tram.

  • Think global, act local

    Use as many regional suppliers and products as possible. The Biostadt Bremen initiative can provide a range of examples.

  • Use sustainable catering

    For preference, use regional and seasonal products when selecting meals. Reduce the amount of meat dishes and offer a varied range of vegetarian alternatives instead. Use reusable plates and dishes.

  • Think about recycling

    Ensure your event has a waste separation system and work together with our recycling partners.

  • Think about re-usability

    Many things, such as signage and banners, can be used again at other events. For this reason, make sure you use neutral branding.

  • Save energy and resources

    Think about ways in which you can save energy and water. Do the event location or hotels have LEDs, economy functions or similar arrangements?

  • Make your event carbon-neutral 

    Specialist agencies can help you work out the level of emissions generated by your event. You can then offset these emissions by supporting global or local climate protection projects.